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Music for the 21st Century: Submissions

TNTMusicBox, LLC will consider for publication any music that is suitable for performance and pedagogical
use. It is preferred that its quality is such that it meets the criteria of both aforementioned categories. 
This includes instrumental and/or vocal music of all varieties.

TNTMusicBox assumes the following on any submitted material:

• The material is original and is written by you.  Any quotes of public domain music must be noted.
• The material is not simultaneously submitted to other publishers for consideration of publication.
• The material must not currently be a published work. If under copyright by you or any other person/entity,
   this must be noted upon submission.    

Please cite on the score any collaborators and any copyright.

We prefer complete scores for submission;  If you choose to mail us your work, please send a clear,
readable copy and not the original. We will only return submissions if you provide a self-addressed,
stamped envelope.   While we would appreciate receiving a CD of a performance of the work, especially
for more complex compositions, it is not a requirement. 

At this time, the first review may take from 30 to 60 days after our receiving your music. You may
withdraw your music from consideration at any time. For any music we may be interested in publishing,
you will receive a letter of intent with details regarding copyright and contracts. As a general rule, we
pay composers a total combined royalty of 10% of the retail selling price on all copies sold and 50% of
the net receipts from any licensing of the work.

If we do not think your music a good fit for us, you will receive notification by postcard, or e-mail (if you
have included an e-mail address). Every submission is given close individual attention. 

If you have a large volume of works you would like us to consider, please send us a few
representative pieces first.

If you choose to send them electronically, please use PDF format, Finale (2014 or earlier),
Sibelius (7 or earlier) and any version of Lilypond (2.17 or earlier).

Be sure to include your contact information including:

• Your Name • Mailing Address • Telephone Number • E-mail address

To send the music use one of the following two methods:

Via mail:

TNT MusicBox, LLC
P.O. Box 2955
Land O Lakes FL  34639

Electronically, via e-mail:


Be sure to include your contact information including:

• Your Name • Mailing Address • Telephone Number • E-mail address


We salute you in your creative process and look forward to reviewing your compositions!


Many more titles are on the way! Let us notify you about their release.
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