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Tonal Preludes Nos. 1-5 by R. Evan Copley

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The Tonal Preludes are excellent performance and teaching pieces. Of intermediate technical difficulty,
they are suitable for teaching rubato and pedaling technique. The great variety of compositional devices
and lovely melodic writing us sure to add depth to your students overall musicality.

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     Prelude I                Prelude II              Prelude III            Prelude IV              Prelude V



Tonal Prelude #1 is suitable for studying parallel 6ths and 3rds, and for teaching 2 against 3.
It is a great pedagogical piece for developing the technique of finger interdependence.

Audio Excerpt: Tonal Prelude No.1

Audio Excerpt: Tonal Prelude No.2

Tonal Prelude #3 is ingeniously composed by gracefully exchanging melody from treble to bass. It is valuable
literature to teach dynamics to bring out the melodic voice. It is also suitable for the study of 6ths and 3rds

Audio Excerpt: Tonal Prelude No.3

Audio Excerpt: Tonal Prelude No.4

As suggested by the composer, these pieces are designed so that they may be combined in AB, ABA and
other arrangements to form multi-movement works.

Cat. No: PN802003           



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