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Asian Suite by Huei Hong Tsai

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Arranged by Huei Hong Tsai
Award winners of the Taiwan National Cultural Folk Tune Composition Contest
Performance Time: approximately 4:30
Level: early intermediate

        Cover Page             Contents                     No.1                       No.2                       No. 8


This music was arranged by the composer so as to be performed either as a complete set or as individual
No. 1., Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) was quoted by Puccini in his opera Madame Butterfly. No. 2, Joo Road Koa
makes a lovely contrasting piece to Jasmine Flower.

Audio: Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower)
Audio: Joo Road Koa (Make Your Path)

These Asian folk tunes are an excellent resource to introduce your students to the concepts of World Music,
pentatonic scales and melodic/harmonic structures that are lovely, and yet not from the western tonal tradition

Audio: SingKing Ming Koa (Reveal Your Beauty)

These short vignettes are reminiscent of Haiku; brief musical statements that are filled with beauty and emotion.

Audio: Tang Mai (The Lovely Plum Flower)

Cat. No: PM802072                Price: $14.95



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