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        Music Humor and Quotes on T-Shirts

from musings to puns!
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We offer Cool Cat shirts in several styles and colors.

Sizing and Style Chart


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From the Sublime


Acoustic Heart Beat

Acoustic Heart Beat ...$19.95


New Colors!!!!


Music Is My Refuge

Music Is My Refuge...$19.95

Musical Smiley Face

Smiley Face 19.99


New Designs!!!!

Smiley Emusicon

Smiley Emusicon...$19.99


Here Comes Treble!

Here Comes Treble 19.99

on Grey shirt with
silver glitter treble clef

I've Got Your Bach! with studio name and instruments

I've Got Your Bach! with added
text line for $7.99


Mozart Is Sweet Sunshine!

Mozart is Sweet Sunshine! $19.99


It's Meow or Never, voice

It's Meow or Never! $19.99

Many different instruments are available for this shirt.

I've Got Your Bach!

I've Got Your Bach! $19.99*

Tuba, Tuba Do!!!

Tuba Tuba Do! $19.99

Musical Clef Heart

Bass and Treble Clef Heart $19.99


Bass Clef Heart

Bass Clefs Heart $19.99

Add Text Line for $9.99


A great way to advertise your studio!Bass and Treble Heart with text line

Heart with Text line  $29.98*

Select from bold or script fonts.

To the just plain funny!

Sizing and Style Chart


I'm A natural

I'm A Natural! $19.99

May the 4th be with you

May the 4th Be With You $19.99


Mixed Meter Visualized

Mixed Meter $19.99

For those Formal Occasions...

Guitar ON, World off

Guitar On, World Off $19.99


Eighth Note Smiley Face $19.99

Make Music, Not War

Make Music Not War $19.99

Blues Is A Natural Fact

 Blues Is A Natural Fact $19.99

Just A Natural!

Just A Natural! $19.99

Halt! You're Under A Rest.

Halt! You're Under A Rest! $19.99

Add a line of text for just $7.99

Sizing and Style Chart


Life would B Flat without music

Life Would Bb 19.99

If Music Be the Food of Love

If Music Be the Food of Love $19.99

Sounding a bit low

You're Sounding Low! $19.99

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Sizing and Style Chart

Notation Man

Notation Man $19.99

Made of music, made for music!

It's Meow...Violin

It's Meow or Never!...Violin $19.99

It's Meow.....Percussion

It's Meow or Never! Percussion $19.99

   It's Meow.....Cello

It's Meow or Never! Cello $19.99


Tuba - It's Meow or Never!

Tuba: It's Meow or Never! $19.99

It's Meow or Never - Bass Guitar

Bass: It's Meow or Never! $19.99


More Humor and quotes are coming soon!


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Graphics are ordinarily placed on the front of the shirt except the "I'll Be Bach!" graphic, which is placed on the back of the shirt. For those shirts that have the option of front or back, the default is front.


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