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Window Sticker Install

Stickers are easy to install. Follow these directions
for a sticker application that will look great for years.

1) Clean the area where you want to put
the sticker. Isopropyl alcohol is best.

use isopropyl alcholoh

2.  Peel the clear transfer paper with the design
away from the opaque backing paper.


peel from backing

Sometimes the design will stick
to the opaque backing paper:

design sticking to backing


If this happens, use a soft straight edge,
such as the side of a credit card to help the
design stick to the clear transfer paper:

working design onto clear transfer paper


Ready to apply!

ready to apply


3) Keeping the decal off the window glass,
align the sticker to where you want it
on the car and then lay it onto that
surface. Smooth it out using the edge
of a credit card

Align the decal


Almost there!

on glass


4) Smooth out any bubbles.

smooth out the bubbles


5) Peel away the transfer paper.

peel off clear transfer paper


6) Enjoy! This sign vinyl will handle the
weather or car washings, no problem.
Use a razor scraper to easily remove,
if ever needed.




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