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Window Sign Install

When you purchase your sign we will also send you a
teflon squeegee to help in the installation.  In addition
to this you will need a small bottle of isopropyl alchohol
and clean cloth to prepare the window, a pair of scissors
and some masking tape.

Step 1

Clean the window where the sign will go with  isopropyl
alcohol. Recommended by the vinyl manufacturer, it really
cleans the surface and dries very rapidly to allow for an
immediate application of the sign.  If you choose to use
another cleaner, please let it thoroughly dry.

use isopropyl alcholoh

Step 2

Place the sign how you want it on the glass and
tape it into place top and bottom as shown in the
following pictures


peel from backing


Use the teflon squeegee and lightly go over
the carrier paper (the semi-transparent film
over the front of the sign vinyl).

design sticking to backing


Step 3

Removing the carrier paper and wax paper that
sandwich the sign vinyl. Peel back the carrier paper
from one side of the sign as shown below.

working design onto clear transfer paper


peel transfer paper

ready to apply


You will notice the sign vinyl comes up with the carrier
paper.  If the vinyl sticks to the wax paper, lay the carrier
paper back over just enough to cover this part of the vinyl,
and gently use the teflon squeegee on the carrier paper side
to get the vinyl to stick to the carrier paper rather than the wax
paper, and then recommence peeling the carrier paper. When
you get to the half way point - roughly where you placed
the tape - cut and remove the exposed wax paper as below.

Align the decal


cutting waxed paper

on glass


Now Lay the carrier paper on to the window glass.  
The sign is going on to the glass, so apply the carrier
paper evenly to minimize bubbles and wrinkles as below.

smooth out the bubbles


Smoothing as you go...

peel off clear transfer paper


Step 4

Repeat this process on the other side of the sign.



peel until the wax paper can be removed.



Then lay this right side onto the window glass.



Smoothing as you go...



Then use the teflon squeegee and gently smooth out the
carrier paper.  This will remove any bubbles and ensure the
sign vinyl is properly adhering to the window glass.



Step 5

Finally, peel the carrier paper from the glass to reveal
your new sign!



peel off transfer paper



Your sign is ready. No special care is needed
Get ready for inquiries about your studio.  
This form of advertising really works!




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