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The Staff

September 1, 2016               Archives

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The musical staff is comprised of five lines. The spaces between total four:

musical staff

Notes located higher on the staff have a higher pitch: that is they sound higher.

higher notelower note


There is usually a symbol at the beginning of a staff that will place the note names and pitches on the staff. This symbol is called the clef.

There are many clef signs. Some of the more common ones are as follows:

The treble clef is widely used it is also called the G clef as the bottom part of the symbol circles the ledger line that is the musical note "G".

treble clefEach note placed on the staff will have a letter value. The musical alphabet is A, B, C, D, E, F,and G.

Treble clef notes

Another widely used clef is the Bass clef.

Bass ClefIt is also referred to as the F clef as the two dots surround the note F on this clef. The note names for this clef are as follows:

bass clef notes

These two above clefs are many times combined into what is called the Grand Staff. It is used for piano and choral and many ensemble groups.

Grand Staff

Two other clefs widely used are the Alto clef

alto clef

and the Tenor clef

tenor clef

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