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Weevily Wheat: Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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Oh, Charlie, he’s a fine young man,
Oh, Charlie, he’s a dandy!
Charlie likes to kiss the girls
And he can do it handy.

I don’t want none of your weevily wheat,
I don’t want none of your barley.
I want fine flour in half an hour
To bake a cake for Charlie.

Over the river to feed my sheep,
Over the river, Charlie,
Over the river to feed my sheep
And measure up my barley.

The higher up the cherry tree,
The riper grow the cherries,
The more you hug and kiss the girls,
The sooner they will marry.

Take her by the lily white hand,
Lead her like a pigeon,
Make her dance the weevily wheat
And scatter her religion.

Music excerpt (click on image for pdf version in F, G and Eb)

Weevily Wheat

Article from Minnesota Heritage Songbook on Weevily Wheat


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