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Ring, Ring the Banjo: Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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De time is nebber dreary,
If de darkey nebber groans;
De ladies nebber weary
Wid de rattle ob de bones:
Den come again Susanna
By de gaslight ob de moon;
We’ll tum de old Piano
When de banjo’s out ob tune.

Ring, ring de banjo!
I like dat good old song,
Come again my true lub,
Oh! wha you been so long.

Once I was so lukcy,
My massa set me free,
I went to old Kentucky
To see what I could see:
I could not go no farder,
I turn to massa’s door,
I lub him all the harder,
I’ll go away no more.


Early in de morning
Ob a lubly summer day,
My massa send me warning
He’d like to hear me play.
On de banjo tapping,
I come wid dulcem strain;
Massa fall a napping __
He’ll nebber wake again.


My lub, I’ll hab to leabe you
While de ribber’s running high:
But I nebber can deceibe you __
So dont you wipe your eye.
I’s guine to make some money;
But I’ll come anodder day __
I’ll come again my honey,
If I hab to work my way.



Music excerpt (click on image for pdf version in C, D and Eb)

Ring, Ring the Banjo

Stephen Foster


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