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Lukey's Boat:
Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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Lukey's boat was painted green
Aha, me b'ys
Lukey's boat was painted green
The prettiest boat that ever was seen
Aha, me diddle I day

Lukey's boat got a fine fore cutty
And every seam was chinked with putty.

Lukey's boat got a high-stopped
And a patent block to her foremast head.

"I think," says Lukey, "I'll make her bigger -
Load 'er down with a one-claw jigger."

"And now," says Lukey, "Get aboard your grub,
One split pea and a ten-pound tub.

"Lukey he sailed down [up] the shore
To get some fish from Labrador.

Lukey he looked 'round and 'round
"Me wife is dead for the blinds are down."

"Waho!", says Lukey, "I don't care -
I'll get me another in the fall of the year!"


Music excerpt (click on image for pdf version in G, A and Bb)

Lukey's Boat

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