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Everytime I Feel the Spirit:
Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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Music excerpt (click on image for pdf version in e, f and d)


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C      F                    C
Every time I feel the Spirit 
                           G7     C
moving in my heart I will pray.
                   F                   C
Yes, every time I feel the Spirit 
                     G7           C
moving in my heart I will pray.

F/C               C             F                   C
       Upon the mountain, when my Lord spoke, 
F                     C            G7           C
    Out of God's mouth came fire and smoke.
F/C                      C           F                   C
       Looked all a - round me, it looked so fine,
F                  C        G7       C
    I asked my Lord if all was mine.


Jordan River, chilly and cold,
it chills the body but not the soul.
There is but one train upon this track.
It runs to heaven and then right back.


Down in the valley, when I feel weak
It's when the Devil usually speaks
Because He's crafty, and full of lies,
I Pray the Spirit keeps me wise.


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