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Drill Ye Tarriers:
Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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Music excerpt (click on image for pdf version in A, Bb and C)

Down In the Valley

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Bm                    Bm/D
Every morning at seven o'clock
             F#m     D            Bm/D           F#m
There's twenty tarriers a workin' at the rock
              Bm                                Bm/D
And the boss comes along and he says,
                          F#m          D                  Bm         F#m
"Keep still and bear down heavy on the cast iron drill."

     Bm        F#m      Bm           F#m
So drill, ye tarriers, drill
                    F#m      Bm
And drill, ye tarriers, drill
                       D             Bm   
For it's work all day for the sugar in you tay
Down beyond the railway
    Bm        F#m      Bm      
So drill, ye tarriers, drill

The boss was a fine man down to the ground
And he married a lady six feet 'round
She baked good bread and she baked it well
But she baked it harder than the hobs of Hell.

The foreman's name was John McCann
By God, he was a blamed mean man
Last week a premature blast went off
And a mile in the air went big Jim Goff.

And when next payday came around
Jim Goff a dollar short was found
When he asked, "What for?" came this reply
"You were docked for the time you were up in the sky."



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