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Cowboy's Dream:
Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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Music excerpt (click on image for pdf version in G, Ab and E)

Cowboy's Dream

Cowboy Poetry



         G                              C             D7                                 G
Last night as I laid on the prairie and looked at the stars in the sky
                            C                   D7                                G
I wondered if ever a cowboy would drift to that sweet by and by

        D7                               G              D7                              G
The road to that bright happy region is a dim narrow trail so they say
                                                       C           D7                                 G
But the broad one that leads to per-di-tion is posted and blazed all the way

G        Am           D7                                   G
Roll on roll on roll on little doggies roll on roll on
                    Am     A7       D7                         G
Roll on roll on roll     on roll on little doggies roll on

They say there will be a great roundup and cowboys like doggies will stand
To be marched by the riders of judgement who are posted and know every brand

Roll along roll along...

They say he will never forget you that he knows every action and look
So for safety you'd better get branded have your name in the great Tally Book

Roll along roll along...



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