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Au Claire De Lune:
Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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Music excerpt (click on image for a full pdf version in C, E and G)

Au Claire De Lune

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G                        D7
By the light of the moon
G  D7            G
My friend Pier-rot
Lend me your pen
G  D7       G
To write a word
My candle is dead
A7                  D7
I have no more fire
G                         D7
Open your door for me
G   D7            G
For the love of God

By the light of the moon,
Pierrot replied
I don't have any pen,
I am in my bed
Go to the neighbor's,
I think she's there
Because in her kitchen
Someone is using the lighter

By the light of the moon
likable Lubin
Knocks on the brunette's door
she soon responds
Who's knocking like that?
He then replies
Open your door
for the God of Love!

By the light of the moon
One could barely see
The pen was looked for
The light was looked for
With all that looking
I don't know what was found
But I do know that the door
Was shut behind them.

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