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At the Gate of Heaven:
Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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Music excerpt (click on image for a full pdf version in E, F and G)

At the Gate of Heaven


In English:

At the gates of heaven,
C7      F        Bb           F      C7
Little shoes they are sel - ling 
F                            C7        F      Bb   
For the little bare footed an - gels there
F         C7
dwel - ling

F                  C7       F                 C7
Slumber my baby, Slumber my baby,
F                             Bb     F  C7  F
Slumber my baby, Hush-a-bye now.

The children who sleep,
God bless them.
The mothers who watch,
God helps them. 

Sleep baby, Sleep baby,
Sleep baby, Hush-a-bye now.

In Spanish:

A la puerta del cielo
Venden zapatos
Para los angelitos
Que andan descalzos

Duérmete niño Duérmete niño
Duérmete niño Arrú arrú

A los niños que duermen
Dios los bendice
A las madres que velan
Dios las asiste

Duérmete niño Duérmete niño
Duérmete niño Arrú arrú

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