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Alabama Jubilee:
Lyrics, Chords and Lead Sheet

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Music excerpt (click on image for a full pdf version in E, F and G)

Alabama Jubilee

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You ought to see deacon Jones
When he rattles the bones
Old parson Brown foolin' 'roun like a clown
Aunt Jemima who is past eighty three
Shoutin' "I'm full o' pep!
Watch yo' step!, watch yo' step!
One legged Joe danced aroun' on his toe
Threw away his crutch and hollered, "let 'er go!"
Oh, honey, hail! hail! the gang's all here
For an Alabama jubilee

Mandolins, violins, Hear the darkies tunin' up
The fun begins, Come this way, don't delay
Better hurry, honey dear, or you'll be missin'
Music sweet, rag-time treat
Goes right to your head and trickles to your feet
It's a reminder, a memory finder
Of nights down in old Alabam'

Hear that flute, it's a beaut
And the tunes it's tootin', tootsie, ain't they cute?
Let's begin, it's a sin
To be missin' all this syncopated music!
Oh, you Jane, once again
Give your legs some exercise to that refrain
Boy, that's what makes me so dreamy
And takes me Back home to my old Alabam'.



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