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Window signage is a great, economical way to make your studio's presence known in your area. Measure your useable window area and pick the sign size that best fits that space.

If you have a logo or particular design you would like to use, email us at info@tntmusicbox





guitar studio signage

10h x 34w Three Lines of text, Guitar I Graphic $55.00



Piano signage

14h x 36w Music Graphic and three lines of text $65.00


trumpet signage

12h x 36w Music Graphic and three lines of text $60.00


Electric Guitar Signage

10h x 24w Music Graphic and Two Lines of Text $50.00

Measure the window size for your sign. Then pick your design and the size that is closest (your choice of dimension must be equal to or larger than your required measurements) to your needs. We'll make your sign and ship it to you witnin three days of ordering. We want your sign to work and are here to make sure you get the results you want. If we do not have what you need please contact us at info@tntmusicbox and we'll see if we can help you.







Musical Heart




Window Decals

Show your love of the musical art!

All decals $6.00 - and that includes shipping

How To Install


Smiley Face/Your Instrument

Smiley face


Bass Clef Geometric

5 bass clefsBlue



5 bass clefsLemon Yellow



5 bass clefsRed



5 bass clefsSchool Bus Yellow

Not shown: white

8th Note Smiley







smileyLemon Yellow




Not shown: School Bus Yellow

Got Music?

Got Music?School Bus Yellow



Got Music? White



Got Music? Blue



Got Music?Yello 

Not shown: Red

Make Music, Not War

Make MusicRed 



Make Music School Bus Yellow



Make Music White



Make Music Blue

Not Shown: Lemon Yellow

The String Family 

The String Family




The String Family




The String Family

School Bus Yellow



The String Family


Not Shown: Lemon Yellow


Preorder the January 2017 - June 2018 calendar and take an additional 10% off!

Calendar cover - Medieval heart music

Chant Calendar

calendar cover - Apollo with harp

Apollo and Harp Calendar


An academic style calendar just for musicians! A large area in each month for notes on students and studies. A handy glossary of many of the most commonly used musical terms. Birthdays of famous composers from the Renaissance to the Jazz and contemporary era. Quotes about music and by great musicians. A music quote for each month.


Calendar details

Purchase Now for the coming year!

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Calendar cover - Pope Gregory dictating chant

Chant Calendar


Many more titles are on the way! Let us notify you about their release.
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